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Fitzgerald Motorcycle Group



To bring members worldwide together

Administration of the Fitzgerald Owners Group (the world’s largest factory sponsored motorcycle riding organisation) was fragmented across EMEA, resulting in inefficiencies and inconsistencies in customer relationship management activities with members. The key objectives of the programme were to provide an improved experience for 100,000 members, while making cost savings and improving customer loyalty.


To to create one centre across EMEA

Broker set up a contact administration centre, staffed by a multilingual team, implemented controlled payment methods such as international web and bank transfers and introduced a tiered membership structure.

Better print management has been achieved for member publications, which often involves sending membership packs containing around 20 items, in six languages, to 68 countries.

Broker continues to work with the Fitzgerald Group and has recently expanded its global footprint by delivering services from the United States, South America and Asia.


A successful transition and operational excellence

  • Saved £360,000 by centralising contact centre activities
  • Cut £150,000 from the annual fulfilment spend
  • Captured 100,000 previously lost calls annually
  • Improved customer satisfaction significantly, from 50% to 80%
  • Raised membership by 50% in 3 years
  • Increased annual revenue per member by 50%

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