Assistance to the creation of favorable and comfortable conditions for business conducting by Russian and joint companies which carry out its activities on the territory of the most western region of Russia, provision of high-quality auditor, assessment, legal and consulting services. Provision of guaranteed protection in the areas of law, legislation and taxation.


  • Friendly and attentive attitude .
  • Only high quality of the rendered services
  • Confidentiality
  • Decency


Auditors, lawyers, appraisers and consultants of OOO “Assessment Consultation Audit” have a high qualification and possess a wide experience in providing services to Russian and foreign organizations and enterprises. All employees of OOO “Assessment Consultation Audit” are notable for their high unity, ability to work in a team for the mutual result and high professionalism.

Dear Ladies and Sirs!

You are located at the site of Kaliningrad consulting company “Assessment Consultation Audit”. You can find below all types of the services rendered by us. In case of your interest you are welcome to contact us on any communication channel suitable for you. Unfortunately we do not have employees who can fluently speak foreign languages, but it will not be an obstacle for communication, because we can always use the services of a highly qualified translator.




  • audit maintenance for the whole fiscal year with rendering of free consultation
  • organization of (financial) accounting
  • recovery of (financial) accounting
  • maintaining of (financial) accounting
  • (financial) accounting and income statements
  • analysis of economical and financial activities of enterprises
  • evaluation of assets and liabilities of economic subject




  • of market value of immovable property
  • of market value of any property
  • determination of share in the authorized capital
  • of fixed assets
  • of market value of enterprise (business)




  • Representation of interests in Arbitration court and courts of general jurisdiction (on civil, administrative, economic, labor and etc. disputes);
  • Settlement of questions on tax and customs cases. Representation;
  • Registration of organizations;
  • Registration of real estate and land business: development, preparation of documents for registration in the Office of Justice;
  • Preparation, execution and registration of joint-stock meetings;
  • Legal maintenance of organizations;
  • Examination and execution of economic contracts;




  • Tax consultation
  • Accounting consultation
  • Development of activity schemes of enterprises, groups of companies.
  • Optimization of taxation.
  • IAS




  • to keep correctly accounting, tax accounting and statement of accounts in accordance with the latest changes in legislation and statutory acts
  • to avoid penalties and default interests
  • to optimize taxes
  • with advice how to act in difficult situations
  • to protect in Arbitration court
  • to provide legal support



Company’s registration date:


  • August 27, 2002





  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
  • Audit Chamber of Russia
  • Russian Society of Appraisers
  • Russell Bedford International, international network of consulting organizations
  • Non-Commercial Partnership “Financial and Economical Legal Experts”
  • Association of Appraisers of Kaliningrad region
  • Association of Consultants of Kaliningrad region



LLC «Appraisal Consultations Audit» -100% financial responsibility.

In conclusion, we would like to assure you that you will find LLC “Appraisal Consultations Audit” a reliable and highly professional partner.

With respect and hope
for further cooperation,

Chairman of the Board of directors: Grinko Vladislav Stanislavovich